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These are fundamental questions about life that never get answered to our satisfaction. As kids we don’t need to or care to know about these matters. But as adults it may be a good idea to get a little background on these, especially since none of these are directly addressed by formal schooling, where we spend 12 to 18 grueling years learning about algebra, botany, and organic chemistry. We learn about all these things that we may never use. Yet, there is a not a pip said or talked about life itself.
We later, become ‘responsible’ adults/parents/leaders who go about our busy daily activities providing/dictating guidance to others without ever fully understanding what the heck it’s all about. Who cares! But we do have strong dogmatic opinions that we force upon others.
All of us have tried answering life’s fundamental questions one time or another. We may have tried to look for answers in religion, books, by discussion, or by just plain observing our own selves, others, and this world. We may then formulate some answers and then revise them again during later years after ‘we have learned more’.
People jump onto the treadmill of the daily rat race – jobs, families, etc. and sometimes get stuck trying to just keep up the pace. Sometimes, there is a problem with this treadmill – and it is midlife crisis – the only time when one tries to answer these fundamental questions. Wouldn’t it be good if a person enters adulthood having some idea about these fundamental aspects of life? And since there aren't any right or wrong answers, I thought the best way to quench this thirst would be provide answers from various perspectives.
Here you will read what a prostitute from Calcutta thinks about ‘what happiness is’ and contrast this with what a professor of computer science from Finland has to say to the same question. My hope is that the reader can look at this elephant of life from all the ‘ten blind men’s’ perspective and come away with some answers to his or her satisfaction.
It’s interesting to see how people differ in their opinions when it comes to the same fundamental question. And of course, although it is totally ok to differ, it is bad, and at times even proves genocidal, when these opinions turn into monsters of ‘my way or else’.
I am disgusted and tired of people killing each other for petty differences. That is why I am devoting my resources to this effort. I hope it will shed some light on the differences that make us all unique and show us that it is ok to have different perspectives.
You can not only read other’s opinions, but will also be able to contribute your own ideas. Please provide your opinions on these basic questions of life. This is your opportunity to teach your point of view to not only this generation, but for generations to come. School hasn’t provided me these answers and although I may be a little more well-read than the average human being, I haven’t found any books that address these issues.  I am trying to get as many opinions as I can so that it can be illustrated that there are various opinions on each matter and that there is not ONE – RIGHT way.
These questions, I believe, are fundamental questions – and yet we enter an adult world without these answers. We learn how to solve triple integrals, we learn how DNA works, and we learn trigonometry and organic chemistry – technical things – things that we may never use. But, unfortunately we don’t learn the basic things about life.


This is an attempt to fill that gap.